Benefits of Wasabi: The Must Read Articles

Japan is home to the one common and special spice used with a well-known Japanese dish, sushi – the Wasabi or Japanese Horseradish or scientifically called Wasabia Japonica is the ingredient we are discussing for the today’s topic. Wasabi is actually small little plants grow half a metter above the ground and the only part we normally used to spice meal up is the root. In serving, people usually crush it to create condiments with zest that definitely leave you craving more. To the outside world besides Japan, most people like to specially serve with sushi or fish dishes, however, for the reason that the Japanese adore this one type of spice so much, they always add it to every meal as possible and they even turn wasabi into many forms such as powder, snacks, etc.

Likewise, it is not accidence, for which the people of Japan just simply admire and eat it; due to its numerous benefits, that is why they chose to have this plant as a part of their meal intake habits. Wasabi is high in isothiocyanate, which boasts disease-fighting functions. More importantly, it can prevent the outgrowth of unwanted bacteria and combat cancers in our body. Antioxidant such as vitamin C is also discovered, which proved to be a combatant for inflammation.

Furthermore, here are some other great profits out of wasabi.

01. Battles bacteria from raw fish

Wasabi is the best choice of topping spice for raw fish because, as we know, we cook meat or fish in order to kill bacteria, but what if we like to eat it raw like fish? We need something to deprive the existence of those bacteria, too. In that case, wasabi can be applied to such a situation.

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Helps in strengthening bones, Osteoporosis prevention: In a study of rat, researchers of Japan came upon a case of which wasabi has the ability to prevent bone loss, especially, it is good for older people who face bone issues when reaching a certain age.

02. Enhances digestion system

Have you ever taste wasabi peas? I’m sure you have known this one common snack. Wasabi peas are high in fibre and help remove toxins from your body. Plus, with the touch of wasabi coating outside the peas, it assumed as a curer that elevates better digestion.

03. Prevents cavities

According to research presented at a meeting hosted by the American Chemical Society by Hideki Masuda, director of the Material Research and Development Laboratories at Ogawa & Co. Ltd in Japan, wasabi’s isothiocyanate inhibit the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.)

04. Fights chronic digestive disease called colitis

An analysis promulgated in the journal Food & Function determined that wasabi’s anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties can prevent the development of colitis.


To conclude, wasabi is a must-have ingredient every household should own for the sake of its numbers of advantages. From fighting cancer, preventing bone loss to battling cancers, wasabi has these great powers. With all the tremendous health benefits, we can live a healthy life. Nonetheless, we should also consider the side effect of wasabi, too. To gain true benefits from coming out of wasabi, please consume it in a moderate manner by devouring at the right amount recommended from doctors.