The Avengers’ New Thought to End the Game with Thanos Properly

There is never quite been a movie like Avengers: Endgame and that is probably there is never been a movie franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has been producing more than twenty interconnected films, featuring a collection of stories in Marvel history that shows the allied story from the beginning to the end. With over twenty interrelated movies released over the the span of a decade, Endgame had ample opportunities to make tons of references and callbacks to a sprawling continuity of characters and plot twists. Most interestingly, the new thought, belief, and hope of some of the most powerful and thoughtful members of the Avengers have for the sake of righteousness in re-finalling the battle that wasn’t played properly with Thanos.

How Avenger Endgame Got here!

In case you have missed the most not-likable ending part of an earlier Avengers movie, let’s get back a little bit to the previous story of our Marvel super heroes in the Avengers: Infinity War. To get to the point, after Thanos got his final Infinity Stone from Ultron, suddenly, a bolt of lightning came out of nowhere far away out from the sky, stroke vigorously on Thanos without mercy and pulled him hundreds of metres away. Minutes later as the lighting kept striking, actually that, for sure, projected from the hammer-axe of son of Odin God of Thunder – Thor. After that, Thanos was trying to get Thor back by shooting power from his Infinity Gauntlet but was defeated by Thor because his thunder-lighting power is too extreme and limitless plus the help of his hammer-axe. By that, Thanos got hit into his chest and almost deceased. However, Thor did not do a great job.

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Thanos could still move his hands around, so he snapped his finger using the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to free himself and most of our Avengers members (Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, Black Panther, and so on), plus, fifty percent of all living creatures were disintegrated. Like what Thanos said, “You should have gone for the head.” If Thor had done that, Thanos didn’t even have a single chance to even close his eyes. So forth, this is a sad ending for everyone who still alive.

Loss of hope

Since then, Tony Stark had returned from darkspace by the help of Captain Marvel. Right away about that time, a few living Avengers: Tony Stark, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Thor, Rocket Racoon, Hulk, War Machine, and Nebula were gathering to form a meeting to discuss where Thanos stays now and they had discover a rough idea to bring back all Infinity Stones to get everyone back. Without delay, all living Avengers got settled onto a spaceship and travel like a lightning speed to where Thanos is retiring on another planet.

Yes! Thanos lives there, ridiculously doing gardening and farming with one side of his body and face burned by the effect of the five stones during the time he was using stones to destroy stones and he nearly killed himself, too. Unfortunately, our Avengers were not able to get the stone back because they were eradicated. In that case, there is absolutely no way to bring everyone back? Do you have any idea how are they going to do about it?

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The Avengers’ New Thought

Five years later, a small change is being born and the voice of revenge is being called. Since some Avengers can move on whilst some are not, a few of them still have the desire to rescue people who were disappeared. Like Captain Steve Rogers said, “I keep telling everyone to move on… some do but not us.” Fortunately, there is a way to bring everyone back. Still, get the Infinity Stones and snap to return lost people. However, that needs a super advanced scientific tool to complete the project and it is called “time machine”.

This idea was found by Ant-Man out of his own bizarre experience in the quantum realm, which times work different from the planet Earth. Everybody spent five year on Earth but he lived there for five hours. If the time machine project succeeds, they can travel to the past even before Thanos to recollect the stones and put it back where it was without anyone owns them. Sounds impossible, right? When Scott brought this thought up to Natasha and Steve, they themselves had a hard time to believe that it is possible. To this extend, who can provide them guidance to make the impossible machine possible? The only person, that is, Mr. Stark. Iron Man – the living legendary scientist.

At that point in time, Captain Steve and a few of his fellow Avengers teammate drove to Mr. Stark’s home in a far country side. They explained project to him but Tony was not sure if it actually works and he refused to collaborate so they went to another big green genius scientist, Hulk and they were able to build a time machine. Sadly, it was not a successful.

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Back with Tony Stark, after they left, Tony was bothered by the idea of building time machine. Later on, he was thinking and figuring out the process of time machine in his own lab for a minute to see if this impossible tool could really be made by men. SURPRISINGLY, IT IS POSSIBLE! He figured it out and could even precisely draft the picture of that machine. Without thinking any further, he drove his fancy car to the Avengers headquarter and told Captain about what he has found. From that day forward, he agreed to team-up with other Avengers again to recollect the Infinity Stones, bring lost people back, and return the stones to where it was. Tony and Captain strong promised to do that and sacrifice whatever it takes. This is when the story begins with the fully functioning time-space GPS built by Iron Man.