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Top 10 Best Black Light Bulbs for Home Use in Review 2018

Nowadays, people do really like to decorate their party or rooms with something that has a darker color which is simple yet but pretty and cool in order to make their rooms or party become more awesome than it is. The Blacklight bulb isn’t just for decoration, it can even be used for art also. You can make your object, posters and art glow in the dark. So many people seem to love those black light bulb a lot and also decorate their rooms, house or any kind of party such as Halloween with the black light bulb as well. Due to those reasons, we would like to introduce you Top 10 of Best Black Light Bulbs for Home Use as well as saving them for the special occasions.

10. 60 Watt Flourescent Blacklight Twist Bulb

If you want to find a black light bulb that can save your money when you use it, I would like to introduce this black light bulb to you. This black light bulb can save energy 13 watts equivalent 60-watt incandescent so you can save your money on your electric bill a lot. This bulb has an 8000 hour of life and if you use it normally around 3 hours per day, it will be last for 7 years. It has a shape of the spiral. It comes with the size of 6.7 x 2.9 x 2.4 inches and 0.32 ounces. This bulb is perfect for Halloween and posters.

9. Gledto 2 Pack 36W 12 LEDs DJ Black Light UV LED Bar Wall Washer Light for Stage KTV Party Pub Club Disco Show Concert Celebration,Black

I would like to introduce you guys a big black light bulb that is perfect for any kind of party such as birthday party, Christmas party, nightclub, disco, live show or more, you can choose this bulb. This bulb has transparent cover and the lighting color is violet. It has 12 high power 3W LED with such a high brightness and bright color to lighten your whole party. The black light supports voice-activated and automatic lighting. The dimensions of this black light bulb are 11.1” L x 6.7” W x 5.8” H. The weight of this bulb is 2.63 pounds.

8. SleekLighting 23 Watt T2 BLACK Light Spiral CFL Light Bulb, 120V, E26 Medium Base-Energy Saver (Pack of 2)

Here comes another black light bulb that can save up a large amount of your money, the product from sleek lighting. It is a black half spiral light bulb with the curb. Plus, with the wattage of 23 Watt, it can save a lot of energy which means it helps to save your money as well. It is an E26 medium base, 120 volts, and 8000-hour life. The dimensions of this black light bulb are 5.3” L x 4.7” W x 1.6” H with 7.2 ounces. It is perfect any commercial use.

7. AMARS 5M/16.4ft 3528 SMD Blacklight UV/Ultraviolet 395nm-405nm LED Light Strip Fixtures DC 12V 60leds/m 300 LED Purple Light Bulb Lighting

I would like to introduce another product, which is a black light UV LED lights strip. It comes with the circular shape. The wattage of this bulb is 24 watts and the voltage is 12 volts. This product weight is 0.64 ounces. The dimensions of this black light bulb are 9.1-inches in length x 8.6-inches in width x 0.2-inches in height. It is a great choice, posters, test paper money, kill insect, photograph or 3D printing. More than this, it also creates amazing atmosphere at parties or gallery as well.

6. YeeSite Black Light Bar with 12x3W UV LED in Metal Housing

This black light bulb is made of durable metal, aluminum, alloy, and housing. The power source of this bulb is 12x3W UV LED with power supply 110-240V AC / 50-60Hz and 36W of consumption. It has a long lifespan which is 50000 hours. It is very easy for you to use since this product has a switch on/off button on it. The measurement of this black light bulb is 24 x 2 x 1.8 inches with lightweight 1.69 lb. You can hang this bulb on the wall or ceiling or let it stand on the floor. This bulb is perfect for the small club, home party, UV paint lighting or more.

5. 13W CFL UV Blacklight Bulb by Vibe

Let me introduce you another black light bulb that is a 13-watt bulb. It is a UV CFL bulb and has lifespan 8,000 hours. It can affect approximately around 8-10 feet. This bulb is 365nm UVA with 120 volts. The measurement of this small black light bulb is 4-3/4” Tall by 1-3/4”. The weight of this product is 2.4 ounces. This bulb can lighten up your celebration more enjoyable such as Halloween, small gathering, dances or any kind of parties. It can change the atmosphere of the party by making the object glow under the dark light.

4. Sunlite SL20/BLB 20 Watt Spiral Energy Saving CFL Light Bulb Medium Base Blacklight Blue

Here comes to another saving energy black light bulb which is totally perfect for any kind of gathering with your family or even with your friends as well. It is a black light blue bulb E26 medium base. This bulb is energy saving 20 watts, along with the rate of life 8,000 hours. It can be last for 7 years if you use it 3 hours per day. The equivalent watts of this bulb is 75 along with the voltage 120 Volt. This black light blue bulb is great for concerts, money testing, induce or kill insect, parties or Halloween.

3. Deep Dream UV Black Light Led Strip 16.4Ft/5M 3528 300LEDs Flexible Waterproof IP65 BlackLight Night Fishing Sterilization implicitly Party with 12V 2A Power Supply

If you are looking for the black light bulb that is great for night fishing, I would like to recommend you this product from Deep Dream. This bulb not can only attract fishes but it can even illuminate the fishing line too. Not just for night fishing, it can be put in aquariums for disinfection also and can kill insect because of its wavelength is 395-405nm. It has 3 purple UV ultraviolet LED with tube shape and 24 watts. The dimensions of this bulb are 6.5 x 6.5 x 0.4 inches with its weight 12 ounces.

2. UV LED Black Light, HouLight High Power 10W Ultra Violet UV LED Flood Light IP65-Waterproof (85V-265V AC) for Blacklight Party Supplies, Neon Glow, Glow in the Dark, Fishing, Aquarium, Curing

This black light bulb is really great. It is light-weight and easy to install. It made from aluminum and glass with black color. The power cable length of this bulb is 1.5m. It uses the highest quality LED chip and power sources 50,000 hours. This product weight is 0.9 pounds and the measurements are 4.6-inches in length, 3.8-inches in width and 3.8-inches in height. It is a waterproof bulb. The wattage of this bulb is 10 Watt and voltage 85V-265V AC. It has a special effect which makes it perfect for parties, artworks, painting, Halloween or decoration as well.

1. OPPSK UV LED Bar with 9LEDx3W Black Light, Metallic Black

Let get to our top 1 black light bulb, this bulb is made of durable metal, aluminum, and alloy. It is a portable black light and lightweight. It is easy to use because this black light bulb has ON/OFF switch button on the power cable. It is a black light with powerful 3-watts x 9 UV LEDs, big voltage 110V-220V. The wavelength of this bulb is 395-400nm / UV- a level and its power source are corded-electric. It comes with the oblong shape. The dimensions of this product are 18.1-inches in length, 2-inches in width and 2-inches in height with 1.32 pounds. It creates a stunning atmosphere to your parties, gallery, or any other events which very deserve to be the top 1.


To sum up, if you need light to light up or decorate your home or adding the creative lights to the parties, family gathering, UV painting, gallery, bar or nightclub, Don’t hesitate to choose one of those black Light Bulb from our review’s today since it can bring such a stunning atmosphere to those events and makes it become more lively. After you read our reviews, we hope that you can choose the best black light bulb for your events. Our team does appreciate all the readers for spending your leisure time reading our reviews. Keep following us for the latest review.

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