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Top 10 Best Economy Compact Fluorescent Bulbs for Home in Review 2018

Our review today will be about Best Economy Compact Fluorescent Bulbs that is picked from different well-known brands. All the bulbs that we will show you are all the most designable and long-lasting products. As you might know that using the right bulbs to insert in your lamps is very important because it would affect your mood as well as your eyes sights. Thus, you should know more information about its components before you decide to purchase it. That is why we will help you to feel easier in choosing the right one by bringing the top 10 Economy Compact Fluorescent Bulbs that I am sure that you will definitely satisfy with it. So, let’s find your favorite ones among all the best 10 below. And please pay your attention to each product in order to be aware of its benefits and characters.

10. EcoSmart 65W Equivalent Soft White (2700K) BR30 Dimmable LED Light Bulb (3-Pack)

Now, let’s take a look at the very first Best Economy Compact Fluorescent Bulbs of our review today. It is from EcoSmart, and it is called BR30 LED Light Bulbs. This is the energy-saving bulls. It can be used to replace 65W bulls because it uses only 10W. More than that, it brings great warm white light at only 65 lumens per watt. Its color temperature is 2,700 Kelvin, and its life lasting are rated for 25,000 hours. Plus, it can be put both indoor and outdoor, and it is perfect for recessed cans and track lighting using. Moreover, these dimmable bulls consist of 3 packs, and it is very easy to install it by you. With this LED BR30, your place with showed up brighter.

9. SleekLighting 13Watt T2 Spiral CFL GU24 Light Bulb Base 2700K 700lm ,Compact Fluorescent – 4pack

Coming next is from sleek lighting. This best economy compact fluorescent bulb is the set of 4 packs that will help you to save a lot of your energy. Its features are including 120 Volts, 2700K, 700 lumens, and average lifelong is 8,000 hours. It is very easy to install. Plus, it designed with half spiral and curb appeal that makes it looks more attractive for any kinds of decoration. Moreover, these fit perfectly with a GU24 base. It will provide you warm and a lot of lights. Its longevity is ensured for you.

8. Philips 405852 Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent Dusk-to-Dawn 14-Watt Twister Light Bulb

The third best economy compact fluorescent bulbs that you might also like is called Philips. This brand offers you the high-quality bulls that function well in energy saving. It uses only 14-watt in order to replace the bulbs that use 60- watt. Additionally, these mini twisters are perfectly used in the place that is hard to reach. It is well designed to use in the enclosed post light stuff. It is similar to incandescent light because it provides the soft and white light. What makes it even more special than the previous products is that they are constructed with auto on and off a sensor so that the light will brighten up at night and turn of in the morning. More importantly, it is known as the dusk-to-dawn energy saver. Thus, with its well-looking and great lighting, you will feel satisfied with this news bulls.

7. Philips LED Bulb 9 Pack, 60 Watt Equivalent, Soft White (2700K) A19 Dimmable, Medium Screw Base

Another best economy compact fluorescent bulb that I will introduce to you now is from Philips brand again. This is 9 packs of 19A LED bulbs. It is the product of USA, and it is the high-quality bulbs that can be used instead of 60-watt bulbs efficiently. Moreover, it helps you to reduce a lot of energy using. Plus, with its soft white lighting and the temperature of 2700k and 800 lumens, it provides you perfect and full brightness. Especially, this is dimmable bulbs and medium screw base that create the most convenience light for any kinds of general rooms. Also, it has the long lasting lifetime which is up to 25,000 hours. With all its features, this Philips LED bulbs will make your room full of great white color light without making any noise.

6. Sunlite FC8T9/DL Fluorescent 22W T9 Circline Ceiling Lights, 6500K Daylight Like Light, 4-Pin Base

Let’s moving further to look at one more best economy compact fluorescent bulb from Sunlite. This brand offers you the glowing circle lamps that perfectly fit with any types of light decoration such as for household, rooms, offices, and so on. This Sunlite FC8T9/DL uses only 22 Watt in order to produce such a bright white light. Moreover, it is the well-designed T9 circle bulbs, and it is well appointed with A 4-Pin base. Plus, it comes with bright white color with its temperature from 2700K until 6500K. Another point about this beautiful bulb is that it can last up to 10000 hours within the three-day process. With this shining circle bulb, your energy using will be cut off immediately.

5. FML27/50 27 Watt Linear Quad Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Replacement Bulb for Sunlight desk or floor lamps FML27/EX-D FML27EX/N by Baltoro LLC

Baltoro LLC is also considered as one of the best economy compact fluorescent bulbs that will be interpreted in your review today. This FML27/50 is a 27 Watt “Sunlight” compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb. When it radiates across the visible spectrum, it produces a bright white light. Thus, it provides natural daylight that is good for your eyes, and bright enough any activities such as sewing, reading, and so on. Moreover, this is a standard FML27 linear quad tube CFL bulb with a four prong GX10Q-4 base that comes with very nice designed. It can be the best replacement for the Baltoro Sunlight series of desk lamps, sunlight desk, and floor lamps such as FML27/EX-D FML27EX/N. Also, it is well-suited with Bell and Howell, yet it is not compatible with Verilux. Plus, its color temperature is around 6500K. With this FML27 linear quad tube CFL bulb, your day will be brightening!

4. (4 Pack) CFL Bulbs Direct Generic Replacement for Panasonic FDS18E35/4 18W 3500K Double Tube, 4 Pin G24q-2 Base, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Now let’s take a quick at another best economy compact fluorescent bulb which is from Circle. It comes with 4 packs of double tube bulbs. Moreover, it is 4 Pin G24q-2 Base that utilizes only 18watt with the expected life of 10,000 hours. Especially, it is the perfect replacement for series of bulbs from Panasonic namely, FDS18E35/4 18W 3500K, FDS18E35 FV-08VQL4, FV-11VQL4, FV-15VQL4, and more. We want you to know that these bulbs are produced from the best quality elements, thus its standard can be guaranteed for you. Further, with its color temperature of 3500K, it provides clear white lights that will not hurt your eyes.

3. Genuine Verilux CFML27VLX Natural Spectrum Bulb | 1715 Lumens, 6500K

The next best economy compact fluorescent bulb is Vertilux. This Unaffected Verilux CFML27VLX Natural Spectrum Bulb offers you the nice brightness that can help your eyes to see things clearly without any pain. Likewise, it is not only the stylish and modern design but also the very high-quality bulbs that make you complete your tasks more enjoyable and efficient. More about this genuine Verilux bulb is that it consumes only 27 watts of your energy, but it can produce soothing light that improves visual sharpness, contrast, color brilliance. Besides, its temperature is around 6500K with 1715 Lumens, and its life lasts up to 10,000 hours. It can be used to replace your broken desk lamps or floor lamps perfectly. Choose these high standard bulbs to create the comfortable atmosphere to finish your tasks more quickly.

2. Philips 433557 100-watt Equivalent, Bright White (6500K) 23 Watt Spiral CFL Light Bulb, 4-Pack

Another best economy compact fluorescent bulb is called Philips. This brand offers you the beautiful daylight 6500K color temperature. Moreover, this pack includes 4 well-designed bulbs that operate with 23 watts. Plus, this Philips 433557 equipped with good quality components, and its expected life is last about 10,000 hours. Plus, it is the spiral CFL light bulbs that give you the best ideal design for closets, workshops, reading rooms, garages, and so forth. It fits with medium base and can also be used to replace a various kind of stuff such as a traditional A-19 bulb.

1. Feit BPESL13T/GU24/2 13-watt Twist Soft White GU24 Base, 2-Pack

It is time to present you with the most special one of our review today named Feit Electric. Moreover, it has the long lasting life of 10,000 hours. For design, this one is designed to fit with a GU24 Base cell. Plus, it produces 800 lumens. This is non-dimmable bulbs. It is known as the best energy saver, so you can save a lot of your energy by choosing to insert these great bulbs to replace the old one. It uses only 13 watts to produce the very convenience soft and white lights for you so that it uses less than 78% of energy than others standard incandescent bulbs. Thus, it is both economical and durable electronic bulbs you will ever find. Moreover, it is the pack of 2 Creative-designed bulbs and I believe that you will definitely like them. Use this brand to increase the brightness of your place, let’s start the brighter your darkness from today on with great functions.

All in all, those 10 best economy compact fluorescent bulbs that we just described for you above have gained a lot of support from many customers. Thus, after going through our article, I strongly hope that you would find the best, at least one, from it. Although it comes with different styles and features, they hold the common purpose, which is providing you the soft and great brightness lights. Finally, we would like to remind you that if you want to replace your old bulbs with greater ones, do not hesitate to pick anyone from here and lets experiences with the great bulbs with perfect functions and durable lifetime. Thank you for always come to see our review, please keep following with us to get more information about the upcoming products.

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