Top 10 Best Jump Ropes for Fitness in Review 2017

Aug 20, 2017 | Fox Review Pro

Jump rope is the best way for exercising at home or anywhere you want. It helps to build endurance, stamina, improve your heart and speed while improving your muscle tone. Through using the jump rope, people will be able to have the healthy body, healthy lifestyle but also having fun at the same time. This article would like to introduce you the best 10 jump ropes for exercising with risk-free and value for your money.

Here are the top 10 jump ropes for fitness;

10. Aluminum Fitness Jumprope with Ball Bearing Handles

 Aluminum Fitness Jumprope with Ball Bearing Handles

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This is the jump rope from 321 Strong which is available in 6 colors that allow you to choose freely. The handle length measures 6 inches long, with comfortable foam grips for a secure hold, and easy to adjust oversized thumbscrews. It also features 11 feet long cable that is perfect for men and women of any height. Besides, the 90-degree turn handle design means that there is no twisting, and the coat in PVC delivers smooth movement every time, along with vinyl caps that protect you from getting scratched.

With this package, you will get a replacement cable, includes spare thumb screws, vinyl caps and nylon carrying bag for easy storage and easy to bring it wherever you go. Plus, you will get the eBook by email attached; thus, it is the best choice for the beginners, kids, and professionals. Last but not least, the 321 Strong offer 100% lifetime warranty.

9. Plastic Fitness Jumprope

Plastic Fitness Jumprope

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This is also a jump rope from 321 Strong. Its design is similar to the top 10 but it made from durable plastic handles provide for high RPMs with tangle free operation, which is perfect for double under. It also features the 6 inches long handles with comfortable grips for a secure hold, and easy to adjust oversized thumbscrews. Moreover, it comes with 11 feet cable that fit any heights, and even up to 7 feet tall with vinyl end caps to eliminate scratches is made of braided steel wire. The 90-degree turn handle design means that there is no twisting, and delivers smooth movement every time.

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Many customers like this rope because of all of the color choices of the cable and handles, especially it’s available at a great price for all budget. Most importantly, the package also includes the replacement cable, spare thumbscrews and vinyl caps, so you are never without a working jump rope and BONUS eBook loaded with 4K content.

8. Buy Jump Ropes Segmented Jump Rope

Buy Jump Ropes Segmented Jump Rope

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This Segmented Jump Rope can use for all kids, teen, and adults who wish to have the healthy lifestyle and have fun at the same time. It’s available in many color options. It designs with 5 1/4 inch handles. Each handle has Buyjumpropes logo, thus it make you easier to purchase the real product. Featuring tough shatterproof plastic segmented and beaded over solid braided long-lasting nylon cord.

Apart from that, it is also perfect for a fun aerobic workout. It is lightweight, easily shortens to any length that you want. Last but not least, this great package includes a plastic bag with a BuyJumpRopes cardboard header tag.

7. Adjustable Jump Rope

Adjustable Jump Rope

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Hurry up !!! Grab this special discount from fitness factor. If you are looking for the new jump rope with a good quality, low price and high performance, this is the jump rope that you are looing for. It comes with a fully adjustable jump rope made with the highest-quality materials and designed for ease of use.
The comfort foam grip handles reduce hand strain and make jumping rope easy. Besides, the tangle-resistant rope saves you time and frustration so you can focus on what matters: your health. Plus, it is suitable for any height and is easy to adjust. Once again, Buy it now and save over 50% with this special promotion!

6. Limm Jump Rope

Limm Jump Rope

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It’s great to use for kids, teens, men, and women, no matter what, this jump rope can be used for all ages and all experience levels. It is available in 9.8ft and easily adjustable to your desired length within minutes. It starts with the precise ball bearing system that ensures that the rope will turn smoothly and precisely while you are jumping. That’s why you do not need to worry while you are jumping, it doesn’t tangle like other jump rope in the market.
The ergonomically designed handles offer extra comfort while also preventing palm sweat and providing the firm grip you need to get the most out of your workout! Plus, it’s lightweight and totally risks free. Limm jump rope is the reliable brand, which offers 100% life warranty and money back guarantees if it doesn’t satisfy you.

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5. Ziyue Jump Rope Premium Speed Rope for Boxing and Fitness

Ziyue Jump Rope Premium Speed Rope for Boxing and Fitness

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If you are looking for a jump rope that delivers fast speeds with multi tasks and great price, this one is right item for you. It’s lightweight and available in 8 colors of choices. You will love the high-speed jump rope because it is super fast and ultra stable so that you can recover quickly from inaccurate swings. It made from 3M PVC, thus, the rope is built to withstand heavy duty use.

Moreover, it is long enough you customize the rope according to your height. One size fits all; just adjust the length to fit you in less than 5 minutes. Featuring high-speed ball bearings, and stable grips reduce hand fatigue and increased comfort, to give you the edge over your competitors.

4. Jump Rope Ideal

Jump Rope Ideal

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This is a smart package from It features with a fully adjustable 10-foot long cable, and easy to adjust, making it suitable for both adults and kids. It designs with the ball bearing system that makes it very efficient and smooth spinning. Moreover, the thin handles allow for fine motor control and precision while turning the rope, and dual ball bearing system gives it an extremely balanced feel.

It is extremely fast with 6-inch inch, extra-long handles to help you keep a high momentum and reach extreme speeds up to 320 jumps per minute. If you are just at a beginners level, this package also includes ebook that full of effective tips for you. More than that, you will get more extra items such as a double under manual, a carrying bag, extra cable, and 1-year warranty and a 120-day replacement guarantee.

3. Jump Rope :: Skipping Ropes

Jump Rope :: Skipping Ropes

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With a jump rope from King Athletic, you will be able to get the great value items and jump with risk-free. It built to last with custom molded foam grips come with super-speed ball bearings that ensure smooth, effortless and even rotation. This skipping rope is built to withstand heavy-duty use. It is 9’4 in length that can adjust easily to your desired length.
Especially, this package also offers eBooks, it is not one but 2 eBooks, which are always ready to be the guides for you exercising tips. Plus, it also provides the best guarantee by replacing a new one or giving you a full refund if there are any problems with the jump rope.

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2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

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Once again, this is a jump rope from WOD Nation. It is available in many colors of options with a reasonable price. The handles are 6.75″ long with a tapered end for sure grip. Besides, this jump rope is not only fast but also creates a very stable rope swing so you can easily recover from inaccurate swings. WOD Nation speed ropes use a patented 4 bearing system, along with two bearings in handles, and two on the tips to hold the coated steel cable.

Especially, you will get free gifts for the price of 1, which are extra cable, replacement hardware and carrying bag. If you have any problems regarded to this product, their friendly customer service will help you.

1. Jump Rope – Premium Quality – Survival and Cross

Jump Rope - Premium Quality – Survival and Cross

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This is the Amazon best seller in jump rope from Surival and Cross. It comes with lightweight and small size for easy storage and easy to take it with you wherever you go. The cable is made from the good material to ensure the high quality and maximum life. With the ability to utilize this cable jump rope conveniently during cardio exercises, you will be able to enhance the effectiveness of each carido workout with ease.
With this jump rope, you will be able to get the great experience that you might not meet before. Don’t wait too long, add this into your order list


If you are currently looking for the new jump rope, there’s no doubt, these top 10 jump rope will be one to fit you needs and budget. Your search for the best jump rope is officially over now. Thank for reading this article, we sincerely hope that we have provided the helpful information that you need.


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