Top 10 Best Kids Bike Helmets For Your Children In Review 2018

Jan 19, 2018 | Fox Review Pro

While doing sports like cycling, skating and skiing, you will be afraid of falling and cause any injury. However, these best kids bike helmets will make you worry less because it can ensure your kids’ safety well. There are many types of helmets you can choose according to their favorite colors, pattern or styles. It can fit their heads perfectly when you measure it before purchasing. The helmets not only secure their safety but as well as from the sun. Moreover, it is very light so they do not feel heavy or hard to move their heads. You can just click open and close to when putting on and off.

10. Nutcase- Little Nutty Street Bike Helmet

Top 10 Best Kids Bike Helmets For Your Children In Review 2018

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First product of ours today is Nutcase street bike helmet. There are many colors and patterns you can choose for your kids such as Ahoy. It is the combination of light blue, black and red. Also, there is blue birds and bees as well as bumblebee with yellow black. These colors and patterns can satisfy them as well as protecting them safety while biking, skiing or skating. It all comes with a detachable visor and has 360 degrees’ reflectivity for more safety. The producer designed with protective EPS foam. It is for dispersing energy on impact. More importantly, this helmet is adjustable. You can adjust it as they grow up by pressing a dial fit system. It also comes with three sets of foams pads to change for a better fit. The fidlock magnetic closure is very convenient because you can open and close without a doubt. Plus, it is very soft padding that is so comfortable for chins.

9. Special cool ultralight Kids

Special cool ultralight Kids

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This special helmets for kids comes with multi-colors such as blue, red, yellow, cartoon blue, cartoon orange, cartoon red. This perfectly protects the head from crash. It is for kids between the ages of 2 to 12. It is suitable for head girth 50 to 58cm. The weight is light, only 190g. There are 10 holes’ ventilation system so it can absorb sweat faster. It can also get the air in and out so they can enjoy doing sports with happiness. The padding inside is very soft and removable. You can also wash it as often it gets dirty. You need to fasten buckle and tighten chin strap.

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8. Krash Vector Victor Helmet

Krash Vector Victor Helmet

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This product is mainly for kids from 8 years old up. It is 54 to 58cm. In order to perfectly fit their heads, you can use a soft measuring tape or string to measure about 1cm above their eyebrows. The helmet has a nylon straps for adjusting the size for a great fit. There are 4 patterns and colors they can choose such as cube black, jolly black, multi-color and vector black. These 4 patterns and colors can satisfy not only boys, but girls as well. The designer made it to rock every kid’s world. It is shock-absorbing EPS inner shell protects the noggin safety.

7. Kids helmets Children’s Multi-sport

Kids helmets Children’s Multi-sport

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Wearing helmet is so important because it can ensure your safety while doing multi-sports. However, choosing the right one is also essential. This helmet comes with cartoon shape and style. It looks like a head of dragon with its teeth. There are 6 colors you can choose for your kids such as black, blue, green, new red, yellow and red. The inner padding is very soft and can protect the kids’ heads from crushing effectively. The chin’s padding is also comfortable and soft so it will not be annoying to your kids. There are 4 holes’ ventilation system so the air can go in and out easily. The material is PC injection, Molded shell +EPS polystyrene. The weight is very light so the kids can move their heads easily.

6. Schwinn Infant Helmet, Jungle

Schwinn Infant Helmet, Jungle

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This helmet is very unique. The style of helmet is light-green with jungle vibe. The kids will love this style with its 6 holes’ ventilation system to keep your kids cool. This is 360 degrees internal padding system for a comfortable fit. There is an extended rear coverage as well as molded shell for additional protection from damage. It is adjustable fit for smaller and bigger size as your kids. Moreover, the fidlock of the helmet is easy to open and close. It has jungle pattern along with the fidlock as well.

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5. Kids bike helmet

Kids bike helmet

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The helmet consists of 2 types of padding such as 10mm and 5mm thick. One for toddlers from 3 to 5 years old with 48 to 52cm. Second for children from 5 to 7 years old with 50 to 54cm. Thus, you do not need to spend money twice when they grow up. You also need to change the padding when they grow up to fit their heads. It is light with 14 vent holes for cooling air flow in and out. The strap is very soft yet strong material with no rough. It will have no scratch on your face. It is quick to release the clip. You can purchase this helmet because the beneficial of padding and the 14 holes that other helmets do not have. The helmet is pink octopus look.

4. Bell Child Star Wars

 Bell Child Star Wars

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This production can protect your children well while doing sports. It comes with 7 styles and pattern which perfectly satisfy your boys. These helmet made mainly for boys who are interested in guns, empire and wars.
This is for kids from 5 to 8 years old. There are choppers, Darth Vader, Galactic Empire, Hero Droid, R2D2, Villain, 3D R2D2. Thus, the kids can select any cartoon and style that they like. The weight is around 5 pounds.

3. Raskullz Dinosaur helmet

Raskullz Dinosaur helmet

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Here comes to the third product of our 10 best kid helmet. The helmet is for boys. There are 5 styles that kids can choose such as Radgon red, T-Rex Bonez black, Radgon green, T-chopz black and T-Rad rex green. It is molded 3D helmet design. It can protect the noggin because it has shock-absorbing EPS inner shell. Your head is always cool while wearing because it is aerodynamic cooling vents.

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2. Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet

Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet

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This product is mainly for girls because there are 7 Minnie mouse patterns with pink, red, white and black colors. It is also 3D with their ears. The clip is very easy to open and close. This fits with head of 50 to 54cm. There are 7 vent holes to keep the head cool and fresh while doing sports. The side-squeeze for easy adjustment. Before riding, you only need to check the clip once without confusing. This product will perfectly fit your adorable girls.

1. Razor V17

Razor V17

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Moving on to the last products of our kids helmet today. This one come with different colors such as black, gross green, purple, pink and blue. Hence, it can be for both boys and girls. It designs for protecting children from getting serious injuries during time doing sports. There are 17 top and side vents to help kids’ head fresh and cool from the hot weather. The fidlock is really fast to release and adjust without using tools or fixing many times. This helmet fits with 21.5 to 22inches head. This is normally for the ages of 5 to 8.

All kinds of helmet are designed to protect the kids from crush, hit or any injury. There are many styles, patterns, colors as well as size that will perfectly fit your kids desire as well as their heads. Some of them are adjustable so you can adjust it according to their heads and also you can let them use wit for long period of time without needing to spend extra cost when they grow up. The fidlock and padding is very easy and soft that make your children feel comfortable while they enjoy doing sports. Thank everyone for being patient and checking out our products one by one. Thus, choose one for your kids’ safety. You are no longer worried about them when they do sports.

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