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Top 10 Best Quality Halogen Bulbs for Home Use in Review 2018

Perhaps, your traditional incandescent bulbs don’t provide the bright color that you want , you should consider to replace them with other halogen bulbs that will be brighter and last a bit longer. Among the types of lights, the Halogen bulb is available in the variety of shapes and sizes and is designed to suit a wide range of luminaires and applications, but is brighter and more durable. Especially, the halogen bulb has the maximum lifetime so it doesn’t burn out quickly like the LED and incandescent bulbs.
Due to those reasons, we would like to introduce you Top 10 of Best Quality Halogen Bulbs for home use as well as keeping them as small light fixture for the special occasions.

10. 10 Pack Bioluz LED MR16 LED 50W Halogen Equivalent Dimmable 7w 3000K 12v AC/DC UL Listed

This is MR16 halogen blub from Bioluz LED, which is best for decorating your home as well as helping to save $1180 in energy cost. The package is available at the very affordable price, along with 10 high-quality halogen bulbs
It can replace the 50 watt light bulb and only use 7 watts to light the dark area. It’s made of mercury-free for environment-friendly. Especially, it features 3000 Kelvin that is not yellow or white but it is kinda warm white to provide the light as promised, so, this halogen bulb does not give the negative impacts to your eyes. These dim beautifully and have a wide range of lighting levels. Color temperature stays constant when dimming.

9. (Pack Of 6) 60PAR30/FL 120V – 60 Watt High Output (75W Replacement) PAR30 Flood Short Neck – 120 Volt Halogen Light Bulbs

If you are looking for the set of stylish halogen bulbs, this set is cheap enough and also perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The set comes with the 6 high-quality bulbs that won’t disappoint you. These bulbs are well-made as each bulb has a very thick glass on the surface with a tiny grid-like pattern Because of its small size and elegant look, these halogen bulbs are really popular for decorating in the party, events, and adding more classic styles to your house.
This KOR halogen 60W PAR30 floods uses only 60 Watts and replaces the 75-Watt PAR30 – 75PAR30 with the same lumen output, which makes it more bright, energy saving alternative to standard incandescent light bulbs and other 60-watt bulbs.

8. Sylvania 50045 Double Life Soft White Halogen 53W Replacement for 75W Incadescent Lightbulbs

It is true that Halogen light bulbs are very similar to incandescent ones but if you know more or have been used the halogen bulb you will know the difference between these bulbs. The halogen light bulb is actually brighter than the incandescent bulb, and also more long-lasting. Besides, this model has 4 types of lights appearance; 2700K, 2750K, is 2775k and 2800K that provide you many choices to choose. Each set has 4 halogen light bulbs that made of medium aluminum and soft white light. More importantly, when you make a purchase, you can choose its lifetime; 1000 hours life which can be used for around 9 months and 2000 hours life for around 1.8years.

7. (Pack Of 2) 70PAR38/FL 120V – 70 Watt High Output (90W Replacement) PAR38 Flood – 120 Volt – Halogen Light Bulbs

If you are looking for the halogen light bulb for outdoor use, then look no further than this best quality halogen bulb from the brand KOR. This brand is very popular in the electric field, so it is a reliable brand to use. It has been created in order to provide a better performance than the old-fashioned lights as well as adding more light fixtures. This bulb is definitely bright, energy saving alternative to standard incandescent light bulb because it only uses 70 watts and it also can be replaced the 90-Watt PAR38. Apart from that. The PAR38 will fit wherever the BR38 or BR40 fits, and the PAR38 also features the same great dimming properties as well.

6. CBconcept 10XG412V20W G4 JC Halogen Light Bulb,20-Watt,12-Volt, 10 Bulbs

Many customers are really satisfied with this halogen bulb because of its affordable price, compact size, elegant looks, and long-life use. As you can see in this picture, its shape and size are very a unique and stand out than the traditional lights. It features a very long-lifetime, which can be used for 3000 hours, especially; it provides a brilliant color as the office desk lamp, under cabinet, closet lights, front desk lights, Ceiling lights, table lights and outdoor landscape. About the price, this set comes with the reasonable price and each set contains 10 light bulbs that is enough for any parts of your house.

5. (Pack Of 4) Q75CL/MC – 75 Watt JD T4 E11 Mini Candelabra Base 120V Clear Light Bulbs

Here come to another brand of the KOR halogen light bulb, which can be used to replace a 75-Watt incandescent light bulb. It comes with T4 type with mini-candelabra screw base, along with standard warm so it is perfect for your room, bathroom and more. More than that, each halogen bulb has 1000 lumens and can last for 2000 hours. When you make a purchase, you will get 4 halogen bulbs per set with the cheap price or you can also choose the 10 bulbs per set as well. With the fast delivery service, you will get the light bulb in just an hour.

4. 12Vmonster 10 Pack g8 20watt 120v halogen light bulbs JCD Type 110v 130v 20w t4 G8 120 volt

Moving on to the top 4 of our review’s today, this halogen blub comes with adorable looks and compact size. This bulb only requires energy use 20-watt and it also can be used to replace 110-volt 120v or 130v as well. Especially, it features the maximum lifetime, which is about up to 6000 hours life. Each bulb features 400 lumens and 2700 Kelvin so it provides a warm light appearance to your house. It made of high-quality materials and Mercury IR free, along with the frustration free packaging that is environmentally friendly. The set is available in 10 units per set with a cheap price. Most importantly, this bulb also ship worldwide so no matter wherever you are you can make a purchase this best quality halogen bulb.

3. Philips 415760 Indoor Flood 50-Watt MR16 GU10 Base 120-Volt Light Bulb, 6-Pack

This Philips halogen bulb is perfect to use as recessed cans and track light fixtures. They provide a crisp, bright white halogen light and are perfect for accenting your décor. This package is available in 6 halogen bulbs per package. Each bulb features with 50-watts, 430 Lumens, and MR16 shape, plus, the color temperature is 3000 Kelvin and can be used for 3000 hours. Additionally, the 2 stems are a little bit longer, making easier the installation. The convenient plastic wrapper on each bulb facilitates the installation without having to touch the bulb and leave fingerprints on it. Just like the top 4, this bulb is available to ship worldwide.

2. (Pack Of 6) 39PAR20/FL 120V – 39 Watt High Output (50W Replacement) PAR20 Narrow Flood – 120 Volt Halogen Light Bulbs

Now it’s time for the top 2 of the best quality halogen bulb, no further than the KOR 39PAR20 model. The set is available in 2 options; 6 units per pack or 12 units per pack, along with the reasonable price. It does not only provide the perfect light but it also comes with elegant looks and adorable shape, which is perfect for decorating your house, room or office. It just uses 39-watt energy and also can replace 50 watts PAR20 – 50PAR20 with same lumen output making it a bright and energy saving.

1. Triangle Bulbs T10293-6 (6 pack) – 50 Watt, GU10 Base, 120 Volt, MR16 With UV Glass Cover, Halogen Flood Light Bulb, Q50MR16/FL/GU10, 6 Pack

Without any further delay, we would like to introduce the top 1 the best quality halogen bulb, which is the model T10293-6 from Triangle Bulbs. It is designed to suit a wide range of luminaries and applications, but is brighter and more durable. The color temperature is 2950 Kelvin, which is really perfect if you are looking for the warm light. In addition, it can last for 2000 hours life, meanwhile, some customers have had some issues with the bulbs burning out sooner than desired, but the majority of users still would recommend them. Last but not least, it is available in a single bulb and 6 units per set but we recommend you to order in a set for saving your budget.


All in all, the halogen bulb is the best ideal for various light settings for home use, office and outdoor. You will be satisfied with how great the halogen bulb is through its maximum lifetime, its perfectly clear light color, as well as a cheap price if you order in a set. The most important point is that some items also open to shipping worldwide in the fastest service so no matter wherever you are, you will get the high-quality bulb that you need. Therefore, do not hesitate to put it on your order list now and grab the favorite that you have found in this article. Keep following our website for the latest review.

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