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Top 10 Best Quality Hybrid Bikes for Men in Review 2018

Riding a bicycle is now become one of the most common exercise activities that many people have done almost every. Choosing the best bikes for riding is not an easy thing to do especially when it comes to the hybrid one. Thus if you are one of those people who are looking for one of best quality hybrid bikes, then do not hesitate to go through this article. We also have a review on the article about best quality mountain bikes so if you are interested, please do not forget to check the article out.

Here are the 10 best quality Hybrid Bikes for Men:

10. Schwinn Capital 700c Men’s Hybrid Bicycle, Medium frame size, grey

Coming to the very first product of our review is the Schwinn Capital 700C which has secure breaks. This hybrid bike comes with the aluminum hybrid frame and suspension fork that provide you comfortable and efficient during your riding. Furthermore, this bike own many features such as the Shimano 21 speed EZ-Fire shifter and alloy wheel with high quality rims. Beside from that, it has a very soft seat with spring and suspension that will comfort you during your long day riding.

9. Schwinn Men’s Siro Hybrid Bicycle 700c Wheel, Medium Frame Size Black


If you are currently finding a light hybrid bicycle with aluminum body, we would like to introduce to you Schwinn Men‘s Siro. The whole body of this bike is designed in black color with red accents. On top of that, this light weight bike comes with the adjustable handlebar that allows you to choose your suitable riding position and suspension comfort seat which prevent you from getting hurt. The most important feature of this bike is the ideal combination between the frame and flexibility. Although it comes with street tire, but it has the same speed as some mountain bikes, and this allow you to use it in many situations.

8. Raleigh Bikes Cadent 1 Fitness Hybrid Bike 15″ Frame, Black

Coming next to best hybrid bike to be added on our list is the Raleigh Bike Cadent 1. If you are having concerns with what size of the bike you should choose to fit yourself, Raleigh Bike Cadent 1 will solve this problem directly. This bike has so many sizes including small, medium, larger or even extra larger that allow you to choose freely with whatever size you prefer. Moreover, this bike comes in factory box for shipping with 85% disassembles which means it is only required you to install some other parts to be a complete one.

There are three main features of this bike which are handlebars, shifters, and wheel and tires. First, the handlebars designs from alloy 31.8 with comfort grips that make you feel even comfort in the upright position. Next, the shifters on the other hand makes from Shimano Tourney 7spd shifter that has 21 gears for you to choose. Last but not least, this bike has larger 700c wheel that are quick and efficient while 35c tires provide more traction.

7. Roadmaster 26″ Men’s Granite Peak Men’s Bike

Roadmater 26 will be your best choice, if you are searching for hybrid bike for your casual road ridding. This black and red color bike designs from steel mountain frame geometry and 26″ alloy rims that is easy for riding in a durable way. Beside from that, the 3-piece mountain crank of this bike offers variety of gear range, while the linear breaks provide you with a great stopping power. There is no complication at all for installing this bike if you happen to follow the instruction well.

6. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Shimano Disc Brakes

One of the best hybrid bikes that you should never turn your eye away is Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance. The overall outlook of this bike is pretty much beautiful since it designs with high performance capacity such as Shimano components and 700c wheels with alloy frame and fork. In addition to that, Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance is very suitable for those who like racing the bike and climbs up the mountain with their friends because it is lighter than other mountain bike that allows you to ride even faster. Last but not least, all the control functions of this bike such as breaks application and gear shifting are well functioning, and you are able to adjust those function to fit your riding desire.

5. Tour de Cure Men’s Hybrid Bike, 700c

Tour de Cure is best for those people who like to have a simple riding in order to have a healthy lifestyle. The best part of this product is about its comfy seat and handlebars. Moreover, this bike also has many important features such as lightweight aluminum frame, suspension fork, high quality aluminum rims, and large diameter wheels. On top of that, even if you are in big downhill way, you still can control or minimize your speed as well with the Revo shifter as well as rear and front alloy linear pull breaks.

4. Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Men’s Urban City Commuter Bike

Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed is also a best hybrid bike that you should review as well. This bike comes along with lightweight hand-build of classic diamond frame which is good for leisure or exercise riding. Other than that, it is equipped with Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and Revo Shift grip shifter that is cool for determine your speed. Moreover, Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed owns 700 x35C tires that steadily grip the ground for every time you ride plus the securable front and rear alloy breaks that will keep you safe no matter what circumstances you face.

3. Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike


Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike will be your best option, if you are current looking for a very simple bike that assists your everyday lifestyle. There are many sizes for you to choose which are small, medium, large, and extra larger. Furthermore, its 700C wheel allows you to ride in a very quick and secure manner with its comfortable flat handlebars. On the other hand, this bike comes with a very secure mechanical disc breaks that will allow you to control and maintain your speed even if you are in a critical riding condition.

2. Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 700C Wheel Men’s Hybrid Bicycle White, 18′ Frame size

Coming this far, we are not hesitate to recommend you another best hybrid bike which is Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 700C. The whole body of this bike covers by aluminum frame with 70 inches in length, 25.5 inches in width, and 43 inches in height. On top of that, this bike owns what we called 21 speeds E-Z Fire shifters with Shimano 7 Speeds on the right side, and you can adjust from -3 to + 3 to the left side as well. Furthermore, the weight of this lightly bike is only around 35 lbs., and you will truly enjoy your riding day with the triangle shaped seat that will let you adjust the level of highness to help reduce your leg power.

1. Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike, 700c

So Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike is going to be the top one hybrid bicycle on our list. There are three main reasons made up this bike to be the top one product on our review list. First, it has an outstanding break which can easily stop the wheel at any speed with adequate pressure. Thus, you do not have to worry about your speed control anymore no matter how fast you drive your bike. Second, this number one bike comes with a light weight because it made from aluminum frame and alloy wheel with high quality rims. Last but certainly not least, the gear shifters of Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 are precise and easy in term of movement.

After going through our product review session, we are sure that there will be at least one or two best bicycles that will reserve a place in your heart if you are a real bicycle rider. Thus, do not hesitate to pick one from the list and try out a new experience with our introduced hybrid bicycle.

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