Top 10 Best Rear Lights for Cycling and Exploring in Review

Having a high-performance bike front light is not enough; you also need a perfect rear light to be seen from behind. The red rear light is very important to be the sign when you cycling, running, camping, exploring, hiking during the dusk/dawn hours, night time or on raining day. If you plan to order a high-quality rear light, these top 10 best rear lights will be one of the perfect decisions for your budget, safety.

Here are the Best Rear Lights for Cycling and Exploring:

10. LE Super Bright Bike Light

LE Super Bright Bike Light

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This rear light set is the most popular new release on the market. It received many good feedback from the users and that’s the reason why it became the top 10 among many rear lights on the market. The 4 high-quality LEDs are very bright. It comes with 5 lighting modes that can run up to 4 hours on a highest level and 13-14 hours for a lowest level.

It is very easy to install and remove in just a second. Most importantly, it remains securely locked in position, even during off-road use. The package includes 1 x LED tail light, a 630mA lithium-battery and 1 x USB cord with a special price for your budget.

9. BV Bike Rear / Safety Light 2-Pack

BV Bike Rear / Safety Light 2-Pack

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No matter what you cycling, running, in the bad road condition or a bad weather. This set of 2 rear lights will be able to help you more. Each rear light is super bright, lightweight and compact designs. It comes with 3 lighting levels that are Visible to motorist over 1500 feet away.
The light can be turned on by using a key or a coin and powered by 2 AAA batteries in each light. Especially, it works well in any weather and protects the water from any spots. If you are not satisfied with this light for a month, the company will offer your money back.

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8. LE 3 Modes LED Safety Lights 2 Packs

LE 3 Modes LED Safety Lights 2 Packs

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This is a perfect gift set for your friend or family member who love cycling and exploring during the dusk and dawn. It comes with 2 units rear lights. It also features 3 brightness levels, lightness and small to carry to anywhere you go.

Furthermore, it powered by 2 CR2032 batteries, lasting up to 27 hours on highest level or 54 hours on the lowest level. It can protect itself from water from all of its angles.

The package includes 2 x Velcro straps for mounting the lights to dog collars, bikes and a mini-screwdriver for a hassle-free battery replacement process. With this set, your beloved one will be safe when they are cycling, running, camping, hiking and more.

7. Cycle Torch Bolt Combo

Cycle Torch Bolt Combo

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Are you bored of changing the batteries of your best bike taillight every week? This Cycle Torch Bolt Combo rear light is a great solution for you. It comes in a set of a front and rear light. The front light comes with 20 lumens and the rear light comes with 10 lumens. Both lights can charge any USB devices with lightening speed.

These bike lights made from premium quality materials (CNC aluminum body and back plastic mount), which is last for long time use. If you have any problems with these lights, please feel free to contact their friendly customer service teams. If the product still doesn’t meet what you are asking, the Cycle Torch also has a money back guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty as well.

6. CygoLite Hotshot 50 lm USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

CygoLite Hotshot 50 lm USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

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This CygoLite rear light is powered by 50 lumens with sop Technology that lets you Independently adjust brightness and flash speeds. It comes with 6 lighting modes. It works well with USB Rechargeable and internal Li-Ion battery. With a run time up to 500 hours, be assured you’re covered wherever and whenever you go for a ride.
It is very easy to mount and remove. Apart from getting a tail light, this set includes tail light, mini USB charging cable, seat post mount, seat stays mount.

5. Apace Vision USB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light

Apace Vision USB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light

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Your search for a perfect rear light is over now. Apace Vision would like to introduce a new and high-quality rear light for your cycling, running, camping with safety. The high-powered LED is 100 lumens. It powered by any USB devices with 2 hours charging time and cut off a system. It comes with 6 lighting modes that can last for 4-12 hours on the full charge.

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In addition, it is very easy to install in just a second and very easy to remove as well. Be ready and enjoy your break time.

This smart set with help to save your budget includes; 1 bike led taillight, 1 USB charging cable, 2 silicone mounts, 4 different size mount rings, a user manual, along with a 1-year warranty.

4. LED Safety Light 2 Pack-Whole Human

LED Safety Light 2 Pack-Whole Human

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This perfect set comes with 2 packs of the rear light. It works as a safety light, thus, you will be seen while you’re cycling, running, walking, camping and more. It’s available in red, green, blue, orange and pink. It designs in slim, lightweight, and 5 LEDs, along with 4 brightness levels. The AAA batteries provide up to 96 hours lifetime.

More than that, it is very easy to use and mount in any favorite spot that you want. It also can be mounted on your belt, pockets, backpack, helmet, running gear, dog collar and more.

This package includes 4 extra CR2032 batteries (2 sets), 2 LONG & ELASTIC Velcro straps, and a mini-screwdriver for a NO-HASSLE battery replacement process. Plus, you order it with risk-free through 1-year warranty.

3. Planet Bike Blinky “3” 3-Led Rear Bicycle Light

Planet Bike Blinky "3" 3-Led Rear Bicycle Light

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With the Planet Bike Blinky, you will get an inexpensive and good quality rear bike light. It made of high-quality materials and sustainable methods. In the other hand, it provides the extreme LEDs and a built-in parabolic reflector provides visibility for up to one mile. This product uses two AAA batteries that last up to 200 hours run time for both flashing and steady modes.

Moreover, it features ultra compact case, which is waterproof and lightweight. Plus, you can rely on this rear light because this product has been tested to ensure quality and durability already. Make an order Planet Bike Blinkyse t now, before it runs out of standing. It also included batteries, seat post, and seat stay mounts.

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2. Cycle Torch Rechargeable USB Cycle Torch Light

Cycle Torch Rechargeable USB Cycle Torch Light

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It comes in a set of rechargeable front light and non-USB rear bike light. They are super bright to seen and to be seen from other road users. The front light comes with 200 lumens and 4 brightness levels. Both front and rear lights are lightweight. Night Owl bicycle light has a universal fit, doesn’t matter what bike you’re riding, we’ve got you covered.

Furthermore, it attaches quickly and easily without any tools required. It designs against water with IPX5 rated. Last but not least, if you are not happy with this bike light set, the company will offer a money back guarantee or replace a new one without any question asked.

1. Ultra Bright Bike Light Blitzu Cyborg 168T

Ultra Bright Bike Light Blitzu Cyborg 168T

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Blitzu is a one of famous bike light brand that you can have a trust on their products. That’s why this Blitzu rear light is the top one to choose. Stop wasting your money and never buy batteries again, the USB rechargeable can help.

With 360 lumens, the 168T bike tail light is very bright, stylish and lightweight. It’s certainly bright enough to be seen during daylight hours and dusk hours. It comes with 6 lighting modes with simple on/off button.

Most importantly, this rear light design to use in any conditions, which means that it can be used as flashlight, bicycle helmet light, road bicycle tail lights, mountain bike rear light, kid’s bike safety light and more.


All in all, you should read and choose carefully about each product’s performances. If you have this rear light, it will be an attention to be seen clearly from this behind by other drivers. Plus, it also can be used as a sign while you are running, walking, hiking, camping during dusk/dawn hours, nighttime.
There is no doubt when you want to make an order a rear light, these 10 best rear lights will be the perfect options to choose. Through this article, we sincerely hope that you were able to find your favorite rear light for cycling and exploring during the dawn and dusk hours.