Top 10 Best Reusable Ice Tongs for your kitchen in Review 2018

Mar 8, 2018 | Fox Review Pro

Seeking for the best Reusable Ice Tongs? Is it hard for you to decision which one you should trust? Then, Don’t worry! Your problems will be solved here, just now. We are happy to introduce you 10 Best Reusable Ice Tongs that we are sure that you are looking hard for it. The following tongs that we will show you are the best designed, professional functions, and durable products. That’s because we know that you care about both its looks as well as how well it performs. Then, we are going to show you the best optional choices of many different durable stainless steel tongs from well-known brand. Let’s take look at each one careful and I hope you will find your favorite one among all the best grippers below.

10. Supreme Housewares Polished 18/8 Stainless Steel Ice Tong 8 Inch

Top 10 Best Reusable Ice Tongs for your kitchen in Review 2018

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The very first Best Reusable Ice Tong of our review today is from Supreme Housewares. This 8inch ice tong is made of polished 18/8 Stainless steel. Thus, its quality is very nice. It is functional ice tong that can be used in any occasion and daily use. Furthermore, it is very strong, yet flexible and lightweight one that allow you to grab the ice cubes for easily. What make it more special is that it is very attractive designed with stylish twist handle and creative teeth. Plus, this unique ice tong is very easy to clean. To ensure its cleanness, it is better that you should wash by hand rather than machine. Want to serve your drinks and foods quickly, don’t forget this functional ice tong to pick up for you perfectly.

9. Fackelmann 12428 7.3″ Ice Tong With Spring, Silver

Fackelmann 12428 7.3" Ice Tong With Spring, Silver

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The second Best Reusable Ice Tong that I will present you now is Fackelmann 12428 7.3″ Ice Tong with Spring. It is constructed with strong silver Stainless steel that offer you the durable use. It is a special ice tong I can say because it is designed with ridged edges. Thu, it allows you to grip the ice cure and other slices of food or fruit more easily. What is more is that the angle of the tongs offers enough balance for you to handle it by one-handed efficiently. Plus, the length of this strong and stylish ice tong is 7.3”. It is suitable any occasions, and it is dishwasher safe. For your convenience use, you might choose this useful ice tong.

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8. Update Regency Premium 8″ Stainless Steel Ice Tongs. Perfect As Food Serving and Buffet Tongs

Update Regency Premium 8" Stainless Steel Ice Tongs. Perfect As Food Serving and Buffet Tongs

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The next Best Reusable Ice Tong that we choose you show you is called Update Regency Premium 8″. It is from Update International. This the one of the most nice-designed and stylish ice tong that you might be searching for it. This 18/8 stainless steel is very study and solid that can handle with hard and heavy ice or food effectively. It won’t bend. Likewise, it is very easy to grip and bounce back. The most special part of this fantastic ice tong is its modern and well-design teeth. Additionally, this highly polished tongs tong assures the safety from any batteries, so that it is perfect to use it to grip ice or other buffet foods. It looks great, and works excellently.

7. Winco 3-Prong Star Ice Tong, Stainless Steel

Winco 3-Prong Star Ice Tong, Stainless Steel

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Coming to knowing another Best Reusable Ice Tong which is Winco 3-Prong Star Ice Tong. It comes with cute and small size which is 7”, yet it is sturdy enough to grip the ice of other food and fruit slices straightforwardly. More than this, it is designed to be the best ideal for entertainment and hosting events. That is because of its cool-designed teeth that make it even more attractive. The same as previous ice tongs that I just described because it is made from high quality Stainless steel. Thus, it is very durable and safety to use with any kind of both special and normal occasions.

6. Rösle Stainless Steel Locking Ice Tongs Set, 9 & 12-inch

 Rösle Stainless Steel Locking Ice Tongs Set, 9 & 12-inch

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Now I will present you one more best Reusable Ice Tong that I believe that you will also like it. It is known as Reusable Ice Tong. It has two optional sizes for you such as 9” and 12”. Thus, small kid can also use it easily to grip the anything for themselves easily. It is the kind of locking tongs, so that you can lock and release it while you are using it. For that mechanism, it offers your more safeness and comfortable while you’re handling. More importantly, it also helps to reduce the risk of ice or slipping. Furthermore, it is very study due to the fact that it is produced from 18/10 of high quality stainless steel. With its nice looking and great functions, you can serve your ice chops and other food items happily.

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5. Ice Tongs, Bar Tongs, Bartender Tongs – Gold Plated – 6.25″ – Stainless Steel – Professional Grade – 1ct box – Restaurantware

Ice Tongs, Bar Tongs, Bartender Tongs - Gold Plated - 6.25" - Stainless Steel - Professional Grade - 1ct box - Restaurantware

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This is another best Reusable Ice Tong that you are looking for. This tong is from Restuarantware. It is made of goal-plated stainless steel that doesn’t bend or rust. Thus, it could ensure the good quality and also durability. Moreover, it is designed to fit perfectly for bar, home using, pubs, restaurants, and so on. What is more about this classic tong is that it can use not only to grab the pieces of ice, but also to serve other items such as food, cheese, fruit, etc. That is because it is constructed with well-functioning gripping teeth. Furthermore, it is easy to use, and simple to clean. You have to know that this is the best reusable tong. Let’s this nice quality ice tong to be your great gripping partner.

4. DURAWARE Pom Tongs Stainless Steel 6″ 1 Pc, Small, Silver

DURAWARE Pom Tongs Stainless Steel 6" 1 Pc, Small, Silver

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Next, let’s take the quick look at DURAWARE Pom Tongs. This best Reusable Ice Tong is 6” length, and it is a simple designed ice tong that is built with high quality stainless steel. This silver tong can work well with multiple functions. Thus, it great fits for home using and also in other places such as restaurants, clubs, coffee and so on. Moreover, it is one-piece gripper that is not difficult to clean. Plus, you will be amazed by its durability and its convenience. Also, it is strong enough to handle the heavy use. With this sturdy tong, no ice cubes nor food slices will drop.

3. OXO SteeL Ice Tongs, Stainless Steel

OXO SteeL Ice Tongs, Stainless Steel

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Now I would like to show another best Reusable Ice Tong which is OXO Steel Ice Tongs. This is very fashionable and stylish design ice tong. What make it even more special than others is that it is built with locking system that allow you to store ice chops and piece of food safely. Besides, it is constructed with strong and durable stainless steel. It has large gripping area with well-designed teeth that allow you to grab many small ice cubes at the same time. It will make you feel safe to deliver your stuff to final plates and glasses effectively. Additionally, its rubberized handles make you feel more soft and comfortable while gripping. This brand is very well-known of its quality product!

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2. Prince of Scots Professional Series Ice Tongs ~ Gold

Prince of Scots Professional Series Ice Tongs ~ Gold

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Coming next is Prince of Scots Professional Series Ice Tong. It is goal tong that will be your best Reusable Ice Tong. This is the classical and first class designed tong with its nice shape, dimension, and its professional functions. Moreover, it is the high quality tong that can secure your gripping process. Also, its long is about 7” that make you easier to server and kind of food. This premium tong will not disappoint you because it won’t let your food drop out from your hands. Likewise, it is durable and washable ice tong. It is designed to fit well with any type of occasions and places. Plus, it can be the best gift for your family and friends.

1. Outset Ice Tongs, Stainless Steel

Outset Ice Tongs, Stainless Steel

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Here come to the very special and the last best Reusable Ice Tong that we are going to describe for you now. This is Outset Ice Tong. The length of it is 8 inches. It is built with best quality stainless steel that makes it becomes the very durable one. It designed with great functional gripping teeth that offer you to serve the ice cubes by yourself easily. Furthermore, its stylish design is unique form previous tongs. Also, you can grab and release it without making hard effort. Choose this beautiful and functional to be the great ice cube and food severs!


In short, all the 10 best Reusable Ice Tongs that I just described for you above are all the best selections. Although each brand designs with different looks and features, they have the same functions in serving your ice cubes and other food items to your plates instead of the floor. I believe that you are interesting in at least one type of ice tong here. If you are looking for the best tongs for your business more home using, do not hesitate to purchase it today. Let’s those tongs show you its professional functions. Your doubt will never be cleared until you try it by yourself! And we would like you thank for your valuable time to review the products for our articles today. Please keep following with us! We promise to bring more useful information for you again the next reviews.

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